Adding custom made curtains to your room can completely alter its look. If you want to achieve a designer look for your home you would need to invest in high quality curtains and drapes. When it comes to selecting the curtains there are certain things that should be kept in mind.

The first thing that you need to consider is the style. Are you going for something casual or formal? Is your choice leaning towards clean contemporary lines or you looking for an ornate and a sophisticated effect.

Getting inspiration for custom made curtains in Sydney

One of the easiest ways of finding out what you actually like is to go through a list of Instagram pages which are dedicated towards designing custom made curtains. All you need to do is use the right hashtag and you would be provided with a number of design ideas. Make sure that you check out at least a few styles and then have them evaluated against other curtain makers as well. By doing so you would be able to understand a specific style with Suits your requirements and your budget.

Make sure that you screenshot the pictures so that when you visit the curtain maker in person you would be able to show them what exactly it is that you have in mind.

However you should also understand that maybe what is looking good in the picture might not look good in your home. The size of the room and the windows would also have an impact on how a particular curtain design is going to look like. Whether you need the curtains to control the light or to stop the heat of the sun overwhelming the room. When you are decorating the bedroom you need to invest in curtains which provide you with relaxation, in some cases it is better to go for heavy drapes. On the other hand if you are looking to decorate the living room then you might want to go for something more sheer. Lace curtains also look fancy and add an instant appeal to your room.

You can also take some inspiration from the nature. There are several colors, textures and designs that you can play with. When choosing the color for the curtains it is best that you go for a theme which is in keeping with the rest of the room. For example if the room is decorated in neutral shades you may want to make the curtain the focal point of the room. In such cases bright and vivid colored curtains with patterns would be a good choice. However if you are looking for a minimalistic look then you should go for neutral tones of white, beige or grey.

You must also consider the lining for the curtain. Although some people are not in favor of adding the lining but it can actually increase the weight of the curtain and give them a heavy and expensive look. It might be a bit more expensive if you add lining to it but the lining can actually help prolong the life of the curtain.

Ask the help of an expert to design and install curtains and roller blinds in your home or office.