Custom timber furniture makes incredible and stunning furniture to have in your outdoor and indoor spaces. Like everything in your home, your custom timber furniture requires to be taken care of so that it can last for long without its looks deteriorating. The strength and durability of your custom timber furniture are not capable of maintaining your custom timber furniture for the length of time you wish them to last. Therefore, it calls for regular maintenance to help your custom timber furniture become more durable yet stunning all the time despite its age. As you invest in tour custom timber furniture in Sunshine Coast, you need to ask for expert advice on how to take care of your furniture if you do not know what to do with them.

As a homeowner and you have invested in custom timber furniture, you should learn how to handle and take care of your furniture to last long. One good thing with custom timber furniture is that they do not require much maintenance. Only a little maintenance will do them good. The following are how you can maintain your custom timber furniture once you buy them for your indoor or outdoor spaces.

  • Keep the custom timber furniture debris and dust-free

One of the things that you need to know is that debris and dust can collect on your furniture, causing them to have an unpleasant residue and oily buildup. Most people will dust almost everything in their homes but will fail to dust their custom timber furniture. However, you have to make sure that you are dusting your custom timber furniture regularly to make sure that they are dust and debris-free all the time. For dusting, you should use a clean piece of wet cloth and a dry one to ensure no moisture is left on the custom timber furniture.

  • Deep clean the custom timber furniture

There are times when dusting will not work with your custom timber furniture, but you still have to keep them dust and debris free. You need to get a detergent suitable for your custom timber furniture depending on its finish to ensure that your furniture is not damaged by the detergent you use.

  • Polish or wax your custom timber furniture

Waxing or polishing is done on your custom timber furniture after you clean them to preserve the appearance of your furniture. You may wax or polish your custom timber furniture, or you could hire an expert to do the task.

  • Treat wear and tear

Despite all the care and maintenance you do on your custom timber furniture, they will still get some injuries such as dents, abrasions, and scratches. You need to treat wear and tear by applying liquid polish or paint to restore the beauty of your custom timber furniture.

  • Remove any stains on your custom timber furniture

You need to make sure that your custom timber furniture does not have any stains since some of them may become permanent problems, especially if you leave them for long. It would help if you immediately cleaned any stains and spills to ensure that your furniture is clean and stain-free.

Is this a DIY task?

You may be wondering whether you should hire professionals in Sunshine Coast to help you with the maintenance of your custom made timber furniture or not. However, most of the things you are required to do are simple things that do not require any experience or qualifications.  The only time you could hire an expert is if you do not know how to wax or paint your custom timber furniture.