Furnishing the living room: 5 different style solutions

Sofa, coffee table, carpet, storage wall, shelves … are the main elements that we evaluate when we have to furnish the living room . in addition to the space , also the structural characteristics of the apartment and the building , so as to decide whether to opt for the furnishings for a style in harmony or in contrast with them.

To furnish the living room of a house of traditional taste and structure, by slightly playing down the sobriety of the classic , you can focus on color . The total green (or almost) of this environment – from the floor to the walls, passing through the sofa and armchair textiles and the varnished wood of the display cabinet – is lightened by the contrast with the pink of the fireplace and some objects, while the numerous plants almost create a jungle effect, taken from the stylized design on the pillow.

Again for a classic house – like the one in the photo above, with wooden coffered ceiling and decorative ceiling profiles – the project may instead focus on modern-style furnishing solutions : to furnish the living room, then padded with a square design , in fabric or leather, and furniture in wood and metal with 1950s lines, light and elegant.

Bookcases or full-height equipped walls, sofas with strictly gray upholstery, wood with textured oak or heat-treated oak surfaces, bronzed metal finishes and rigorous lines … are all elements with a contemporary stylistic feature to furnish the living room, regardless of size.

The wall behind the bed: how to transform it

The one that first catches the eye: changing its appearance means visually renewing the entire room. Here’s how to interpret it creatively, adding shelves or other objects or decorating it with upholstery, painting it or adding a boiserie.

With shelves
One or more furnish the wall behind the bed and are functional at the same time: useful support surfaces, they can replace bedside tables and, in the more hi tech versions, also reading lamps (because they are integrated).

How are shelves fixed to the wall? The first step is to evaluate whether to use retractable or visible supports. In the first case, hidden recessed brackets are required which fit into the thickness of the shelf itself; this therefore excludes particularly thin models. In both cases, to be sure that it is mounted straight you need a spirit level and, to drill the wall, a drill.

first hole with a bit of a diameter smaller than the one required, and then go back into the hole, widening it, with the tip required by the plug.

How to create a disc composition? The same “rules” apply to paintings: try on the floor before proceeding definitively on the wall. You can also make paper shapes to attach to see what it will do. There are many objects that are suitable for this purpose, such as small collections of hats or fans, cushion covers …: the important thing is that they are light enough and not bulky.